ASTM 1 Medical Mask


Fog-Free Strip


Wei Li Kong



Ergonomic Location


Fluid Resistant 

ASTM Level 1


Face Mask


Latex Free


10 pieces / pack      2000 pieces / Carton


Adjustable Nosepiece / Anit-Fog



Level 1

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency


Sub-Micron particulates filtration efficient at 0.1 micron


Differential pressure, mm H20/cm2 (Breathability)


Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood, minimum pressure in mm Hg for pass resuls

80 mm Hg

Flame spread

Class 1


  • ASTM Level 1 - Procedures with blood, fluid, spray. 
  • SURGICAL MASK: A surgical mask is worn by health professionals during surgeries and other health procedures to ensure that the wearer doesn’t inhale bacteria or virus particles. It also ensures that the wearer doesn’t exhale those infectious particles. Masks provide an effective barrier to protect against airborne diseases. Wearing a face-fit mask effectively reduces infection.
  • ANTIVIRAL, EARLOOP FACE MASKS: These face shields have built-in earloops to make sure they stay securely on your face. PlastCare USA’s face masks can be worn by EMTs, medics, vets, dentists, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.
  • DISPOSABLE SUPPLIES: Surgical masks are ideal for preventing the flu or other diseases from spreading. They should be used during dental procedures. Once you are finished wearing the mask, it can be thrown away with regular office waste (unless prohibited by local laws). Disposable face masks make it easy to wear and get rid of face masks instead of having to re-sterilize them.
  • REDUCE CONTAMINATION: Because airborne diseases are easily transmitted, it is important that medical professionals protect themselves from disease and from spreading disease. Especially because medical professionals must operate close to individuals to inspect their mouths or other areas of the body, they should protect their mouth and nose to reduce air contamination and spreading fluids.
  • HOW TO USE: To use a surgical mask, wash your hands before touching the mask to avoid spreading contaminants. Dry your hands and then check the medical mask for any defects. Orient the top of the mask properly so the bendable and moldable edge is at the top. Place the mask around your mouth and loop the ear loops around your ears. Adjust the nosepiece to mold around the bridge of the nose.


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WARNING: This mask does not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection. Change immediately if contaminated with blood or body fluid.


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ASTM 1 Medical Mask



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