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Masks Guru is a powerful example of great solutions born out of necessity.

When the COVID-19 virus first emerged in early 2020, we kept hearing from friends in the health care industry about a growing crisis in Personal Protective Equipment. It wasn’t that supplies for critical things like N95 masks and gowns were low. In many hospitals and clinics, they were almost non-existent.

We decided to help.

Checking with our network of top tier Asian manufacturers, we discovered a small supply of masks and gowns that were on the ground already.  We did that, and rushed them out to nearby hospitals. 

Soon, other hospitals were contacting us and pleading for help. We helped with more and more supplies from our partners. It was gratifying feeling to know that, even in a small way, we were helping. We were making a difference! But then, as the calls kept coming in, that “small way” turned into something much larger.  Masks Guru was Born.

How often have you found yourself rushing to help others, but then wound up with a large, international company? It happened to us, and our heads are still spinning. 
In the past year, we found ourselves creating a company, called Masks Guru, to handle the growing demand.

Fortunately, we have long experience with importing products from around the world, especially from Asia. We’re on a first name basis with many of the top manufacturers. So working with them, we created a factory-to-end-user supply channel. 

Today, we and our partners have delivered over 5 million high quality masks, 10 million plus isolation gowns and syringes to medical facilities all over the North America. 
Masks Guru is fast emerging as one of the largest and most reliable sources of high quality, affordable PPE for frontline workers everywhere. 

Who knew? We are indeed fortunate. Virtually every day we reflect upon that time-honored sentiment:  “He who sows good seed, harvests a good crop.” From our offices in Los Angeles, CA, Masks Guru continues to position itself to provide products that will be in demand long after the pandemic has ended.  


Masks Guru will provide our frontliners with quality equipment, and exceptional service.

Vision Statement​

To be the most respected national provider of medical supplies by maintaining the utmost quality and professionalism.

Code of Ethics​

  • To promote actions that build trust with our customers and frontliners.

  • To providemedical protection equipments and services appropriate for each individual’s needs, health and safety.

  • To act in good faith.

  • To be honest, truthful and fair to all concerned.

  • To follow good business practices, and to represent available services and products accurately.



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